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Sencha Touch Online Training Course
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Overview : Sencha Touch Mobile WEB Frame work JS Library

Sencha Touch is a framework used for creating mobile applications. Sencha Touch uses HTML5 for its application development.The latest version of Sencha Touch available is 2.3.1. The latest version supports Apache Cordova.

Sencha Touch consists of GUI (Graphical User Interface) based components that are usefulin touch input. Some of the GUI-based components are buttons, text fields, date picker, sliders, combo box and many more. These components can be themed depending on the mobile device

The applications developed using Sencha Touch works on all operating systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. The Sencha Touch follows a MVC (Model View Controller) pattern.

Sencha Touch consists of various components like lists, picker, overlay, toolbars, buttons, and slider. Sencha Touch supports various themes, transition effects, touch events, animations, icons, and layouts.

Advantages of Sencha Touch:

  • Enhanced UI interface and touch functionality
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Provides cost effective solutions
  • Supports user friendly touch features.
  • Supports faster navigational experience

As smart phones are widely used by everyone, new mobile applications are emerging every day. It is easy to develop Sencha Touch applications if you have basic knowledge on HTML5. Our experienced trainers teach you how to build a single codebase that support various mobile platforms.

We give you training on a wide range of UI components that are available for building Sencha Touch applications. Our experienced trainers give you training on various Sencha Touch tools like Sencha Touch charts, Sencha Animator, and Sencha.oi. Our training includes real time projects that give you practical knowledge and a good experience in developing applications usingSencha Touch.

Our main focus is to make you understand how Sencha Touch is helpful in the testing domain. Before testing an application, it is necessary to know how the application is developed. Learning Sencha Touch makes the testing job easier.

Sencha Touch Online Training Course Content

    Introduction to Sass and Compass
    Panels, Component, List
    Button, Tab Panel, Carousel
    View Controls
    Sass: Variables, Nested Rules, Expressions and Control Structures Wrap up – Putting it all together
    Build an enterprise level app
    Data Models
    Data Store
  • Introduction
  • Performance, Semantics, Styling, Multimedia
  • 3D Effects, Offline and Storage, Connectivity, Device Access
Why Sencha Touch?
  • Device Support
  • Native Versus Hybrid
  • Architectural Considerations: MVC
  • Life Cycle
  • Stores
  • Proxies
  • Project Structure
  • Index.html
  • App.JS
  • View Class System
  • Layout Types
  • Card based Controls
  • Method Overrides
  • Working with Data
  • Store Operations
  • Controller: refs, control and routes
  • Events
List of Events
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