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Overview : SAP TAO Automation Testing Online Course

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TAO, Test Acceleration and Optimization is an automated tool used for testing SAP applications. It is designed for SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface) based applications.

TAO is used for testing business process and solution that TAO can automatically create and upload test components to HP’s QC (Quality Center).The components of TAO include TAO client, TAO agent, TAO add-on and TAO RTL.

The major modules in SAP TAO are:

  • Connect –used to establish a connection between SAP and quality center
  • Inspect– consists of Inspection and UI Scanner. IT is used to upload the components to the quality center.
  • Consolidate –merges all the business process into for better execution of test scripts
  • Import/Export –transfers components from SAP quality center to both SAP test acceleration and optimization client

The key features of TAO are modular test cases where the test cases can be reused. The reusable library components simplifies the test to a great extent and quality management standardization

Benefits of TAO

  • Helps to reduce business risks
  • Integrated with SAP solution manager and HP QC to give better results
  • Reduces risk with wide test coverage
  • Supports the entire SAP life cycle effectively and efficiently
  • Changes to SAP applications can be done easily without much effort

As SAP manual testing is a time consuming process, learning automation tools give a better scope to QA engineers in the SAP testing industry. Our trainers give you in depth knowledge on how TAO is used to test SAP applications. We discuss the various steps involved in automating the test process.

In our syllabus, we cover all the components and modules of TAO. We teach you using real time examples to get a better understanding about the tool and how it works. We also guide you through step by step process on how to use the tool effectively and efficiently

Online SAP Automation Training Contents

  • SAP TAO Installation and Configuration
  • SAP TAO Introduction
  • Prerequisites for Installing SAP TAO
  • SAP TAO Installation
  • SAP TAO Folder Structure
  • SAP TAO License
  • Configuring SAP Quality Center
  • Connecting SAP TAO to SAP Managed System
  • Connecting SAP TAO to SAP Quality Center
  • Creating Application Area in QTP
  • Exporting Local Components to QC
  • Configuration Settings for different Tabs
  • Self-Check
  • Explanation of Different Tabs in SAP TAO
  • Process Flow Analyzer (PFA)
  • Inspection
  • Consolidation
  • Import/Export
  • Change Analyzer
  • Repository
  • Connect
  • Self-Check
  • Demo With a Test Scenario
  • PFA
  • Inspect
  • UI Scanner
  • Consolidate
  • Build Test Script
  • Execute Test Script
  • Results Analysis | Students Also Viewed this Online Course Suggestions

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