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iPhone App Testing Online Training Course
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Overview : Iphone Mobile Apps Testing essential Online Course

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iPhone uses iOS operating system that isdeveloped by Apple Inc. Unlike Android, iOS operating system and applications can be installed only on Apple devices.iPhoneapplications are developed using iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) which runs only on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod.

iPhone testing is widely categorized into two categories namely manual testing and automated testing. Manual testing includes exploratory testing and user testing.Automated testing incudes UI testing and unit testing.

Automated testing has more advantages over manual testing as it enables can easily spot out the errors and performance issues. Some the benefits of automated testing are it saves time and cost by running on multiple devices parallel and easily test different SDK versions. Many free tools are available for free for iOS automation testing.

Exploratory testing, a type of manual testing is used to test the applications without a formal test plan. It is a low cost method and it is not a reliable type of testing.

User testing is another type of manual testing which is classified into concept testing, usability testing, beta testing and A/B testing.

  • Concept Testing – To test is carried out to get the user’s response about the application before releasing it into the market.
  • Usability Testing –This test is done to find out how easy is it to use the application from the user’s perspective.
  • Beta Testing –This test is done on the device on real situations usingreal data and obtaining the users feedback.
  • A/B Testing –Testing the effectiveness of the app using randomized experiments with two devices A and B.

iPhone applications can be tested using an iPhone app simulators or a real iPhone device. The most common bugs found in iPhone applications are application crashing, application incompatibilities, security vulnerability and memory leaks.

The number of users are increasing day by day. Users prefer applications that are very safe and secure to use.We provide training starting from the basic concepts of mobile applications, we teach you the various types of testing, the strategies involved and the best practices involved in testing an iPhone mobile application. As part of our program we give you real time training on the various automation tools available for testing iPhone devices.

Iphone Online Training Course Content

  • Introduction to iPhone
  • Types of Mobile Applications
  • Native Applications
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Hybrid applications
  • Challenges in Testing of mobile applications
  • Exploring iPhone Software
  • Xcode
  • Data Management
  • General Overview
  • Graphics & Animation
  • Different Layers in iphone Framework
  • Human Interface characteristics
  • Application design Strategies
  • User Experience Guidelines
  • iOS Technology Usage Guidelines
  • iOS UI Element Usage Guidelines
  • Testing iPhone applications
  • Different Testing Tools to Test iPhone
  • Testing iPhone Using Emulators
  • Automation of iphone Testing
  • Testing iPhone Using Sikuli
  • Testing iphone with Fonemonkey
  • Automating UI Testing
  • Creating Custom Instruments
  • Creating Automation Script

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