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A Dynamic language for the java Platform : Groovy Programming

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Groovy Programming Online Training Course
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Overview : Apache Groovy Programming Language

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Groovy is a dynamic object oriented scripting programming language. Groovy is executed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is an open source available under the Apache license 2.0. Groovy extends Java API and libraries.Groovy syntax is similar to Java’s syntax.After compilation, Groovy is converted into Java byte code.

Groovy consists of an extended APIlibrary called the GDK (Groovy Development Kit). Groovy possesses similar features like the other scripting languages like Perl, Ruby, Python and Smalltalk.

Using Groovy, it is easy to write and combine new java modules to the existing java applications. Groovy provides powerful functionalities like Closures, Dynamic Typing, and Builders.It also provides simple API (Application Programming Interface) for accessing Databases and XML.

Groovy’s Features:

  • Can be learnt easily.
  • Easy to integrate with existing java code.
  • Supports unit testing.
  • Enables classes and methods to change at run time.
  • Consists of built-in support forlist processing and regular expressions.
  • Supports GUI, XML, and Ant tasks.
  • Groovy code can be easily separated using new-lines.

Starting from the basics we teach you in detail on how to declare variables, manage flow control and loopstructures. We also focus on the advanced concepts of Groovy like the creation of classes, objects, methods,and in-depth knowledge on Groovy closures.

In our course we cover the various Utilities that areincluded in Groovy Distribution. Some of the basic Utilities that are covered in our course are Groovy Intepreter, Groovy Compiler, Groovy Shell and Groovy Console.We train you on all the different ways to run the Groovy script like interactive command line shell, using interactive console and compiling it into a java script file.

Our main focus is to teach you how Groovy is helpful in the testing domain. We guide you on how to use Groovy in unit testing and testing web applications. Our training includes real time projects that give you practical knowledge and a good experience in Groovy scripting language.

Groovy Online Training Course Content


  • Overview
  • Features


  • Groovy
  • Eclipse Plugin

3.First Groovy project

4.Groovy Classes, Objects and Methods

  • Groovy Classes
  • Classes and class variables
  • Equals, == and the method is()
  • Optional Parameters


6.Groovy Datatypes

  • Reference variables
  • Strings
  • Lists and maps
  • Ranges

7.Regular expressions


9.Meta Object Protocol

10.Operator overloading

11.Groovy and Files

12.Groovy and XML

13.Groovy and Concurrency

14.Example usage of Groovy

  • Groovy Classes and class variables
  • Safe Navigation Operator
  • Elvis operator


16.Using Groovy classes in Java

17.Using Groovy via the command line

  • The Groovy shell
  • The Groovy Console
  • Compile Groovy Classes | Students Also Viewed this Online Course Suggestions

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