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DATABASE Testing Online Training Course
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Overview : DataBase Testing + Live Project training

Databases are considered as a valuable asset of any organization. They store all the essential information of an application on a long run. Applications use one or more interconnected databases to store its data. A database consists of tables, views, triggers, functions and stored procedures. Many users today use RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) like Oracle, DB2, SQL SERVER or MYSQL for their applications.

Database Testing is the process of testing a database for its data integrity, data validity and data reliability. It also includes the testing of database objects like stored procedures, views, functions and tables.

There are three types of database testing namely structural testing, functional testing and non-functional testing. Structural testing deals with the validation of data in the repository. Functional testing ensures that the consistent performance of transactions.

Why database testing important to an organization?

  • The data stored in the databases are considered as an asset in any organization
  • A robust and consistent database system is an essential to an organization. Database testing should be performed primarily before performing any other operations in the database
  • It is essential to validate and maintain the data of databases and keep it up to date for an error free application
  • Database testing gives an accurate feedback about the errors present in an application
  • Database testing is important to companies to achieve the desired results of the application and to meet their goals

All the data of an application are stored in Databases. Therefore securing and ensuring the quality of databases are very important. We train you on how to connect to a database, write queries and procedures on how to retrieve data from a database. We ensure that you gain a sound knowledge on database testing.

The steps involved in database testing are to prepare the environment, to run the test, to check and validate the test results. Our course guides you through all the steps involved in database testing. An error free database increases the overall performance of the software application.

DATA BASE TESTING Online Training Course Content

Module 1 Database Concepts
  • Introduction to Database
  • GUI Testing vs DB Testing
  • Roles and Responsibility of Tester
  • Pre Requisites for Testing
  • Life Cycle of DB Testing
Module 2 Basic SQL
  • DDL & DML
  • SQL Basic query writing
  • Writing queries Specific to test cases
Module 3 Testing DB with SQL
  • Schema Testing
  • Database column Table Testing
  • Stored Procedure Testing
  • Trigger Testing
  • Functional Database Testing
Module 4 Interview questions and Practice
  • The Database Component : What is a Database Application?
  • Testing at the Database layer
  • Why should Test professionals know DB Basics?
  • The DB component:What is a Data-Based Application?
  • Back end vs. Front End Testing
  • Examining the data round trip through the app
  • Common problems in Relational Databases that affect the Database Application
  • Testing the Application vs. Testing the DBMS
  • Knowledge Requirements for Database Testing
What to test, when to test and How to test database Application
  • How the Database Testing Environment.
  • What is DBMS and RDBMS.
  • What is OLTP Schema, OLTP Static data (Test Data, Master Data) in Database.
  • Roles & Responsibilities in Database Testing.
  • What are the Database Testing Methodologies
  • What is Block box and White box testing in Database.
  • How Application interact with DB.
  • What is SQL in database.
  • What are the Database objects in database testing
  • Tables
  • Views
  • Sequences
  • Synonyms
  • Keys (Integrity constraints)
  • Indexes
  • Clusters
Implementation of Joins
  • Good Examples with Nested queries and Co-related queries (i.e.Subqueries).
  • What is Data migration testing or Data Conversion testing in Database
  • What is Data distribution testing in database
  • What is PL/SQL and How to test below blocks.
  • Stored procedure
  • Functions
  • Database Triggers
  • Tools in Database Testing Like TOAD 8.5 etc.
  • Database Design document and ER diagrams(i.e. .References Documents)
  • Preparation of Test cases for Database Testing.
Advanced Database Testig
  • Execute Database Test cases and Report the Defects.
  • Interview queries (Simple and Complex queries)
  • What are ACID and CRUD Transaction in database.
  • Risk, Dependencies and Impact in Database Testing. | Students Also Viewed this Online Course Suggestions

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